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March 26, 2013. Gregorio "Bogs" Dagohoy (Robin Padilla) together with Precious Dagohoy (Miles Ocampo) and Cherish Dagohoy (Xyriel Manubat) had a great time with Ruth Manrique (Anne Curtis). They enjoyed their dinner while talking to each other about themselves. After their dinner, Precious and Cherish took pictures of themselves including Ruth and Bogs. During that time, when Bogs went to the comfort room, Precious and Cherish questioned Ruth about her love life. Precious and Cherish wants Ruth to find her true love so that she could also have a family. Later that time, on their way to Ruth's car, Redentor "Red" Manrique (Ian Veneracion) approached them. Red insulted Bogs, telling him that he is a playboy who is now trying to court Ruth. Bogs, on the other hand, was very insulted and punched Red to his face. At that time, Ruth interfered during Red and Bogs' fist fight wherein Ruth stopped Red from hitting Bogs. Ruth even reminded Red that she knows about his deep secret and he would surely reveal it to the Manrique family if he won't stop. Red, on the other hand, was stopped all of a sudden after Ruth reminded him. Red then hurriedly left without asking sorry to Bogs.

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