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May 15, 2013. At the hospital, Theresa Apolinario (Cherry Pie Picache) together with Celine Buenaventura (Kim Chiu) and Oscar (Jayson Gainza) are ver worried towards Zacharias "Zach" Apolinario's (Ronaldo Valdez) condition. Zach was rushed to the hospital after he fainted inside prison. While Zach is inside the operation room, Yolanda Elizalde (Pilar Pilapil) suddenly arrived and hurriedly comforted Theresa. Meanwhile, Oscar went home to get some of Zach's things. During that time, Margaux Marasigan (Maja Salvador) arrived home and wondered where everybody went. Oscar informed Margaux that Zach is at the hospital but they have no idea what is Zach's condition yet. Margaux, on the other hand, offered to let Oscar ride at her car, since she wanted to go to the hospital and check on Zach's condition. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Diego Medina/Buenaventura (Alex Medina) talked to Lucas Elizalde (Eddie Gutierrez) on his cellphone wherein Diego informed Lucas that Yolanda is there talking to Theresa. Lucas, on the other hand, asked Diego to give him updates on Zach's condition and not to leave Yolanda there. Later that time, Diego approached Celine asking about Zach's condition. Diego pretended to have concern on Zach's condition but Celine doubted him. During their conversation, Celine asked Diego how close he is to Zach, since he asked a lot of questions about Zach. After Celine and Diego's conversation, Diego also approached Theresa at the hospital's prayer room. Diego let Theresa know that she could express her heartaches to him. Theresa, on the other hand, thanked Diego for not leaving her side as a friend. Meanwhile, Yolanda went home to Lucas' house wherein Lucas was there when she arrived and talked to her about her concern towards Zach. During that time, Lucas asked Yolanda not to go back to the hospital anymore but Yolanda is very determined to help Zach.   

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